Sunday, 14 November 2010

Present Ideas For Him

Sometimes it can be really difficult to think of a thoughtful gift for your male loved one at Christmas. It’s even more difficult when you’ve known them for years as you will have exhausted the predictable presents such as aftershave and computer games. So this Christmas, why not get your loved one a pair of men’s jeans.

Now this may seem like a strange present at Christmas but believe me, your loved one will be delighted with a new pair of jeans that they can wear throughout the coming year. Two styles have caught my eye as the ideal festive men’s jeans this year – the Stray Jeans by Gio Goi and the Rick Four Slim Jeans by Jack Jones. Both these pairs of jeans are completely different in their styling and I have bought one pair for my brother and the other for my friend this year.

First up is the Rick Four Slim Jeans by Jack Jones. Jack Jones is a Norwegian based fashion brand who sell their uniquely styled jeans across Europe, giving them a continental vibe. The main philosophy behind the brand is superior quality and this is certainly the case in the Rick Four Slim Jeans. These jeans have been designed to reflect the current trend in wearing denim in the workplace, even a smart office. As many employers are still dubious about the casual nature of men’s jeans, Jack Jones has managed to cram sophisticated office style into these jeans. They come in a grey coated denim so look more like smart trousers than conventional jeans. However they still feature all the styling details you would expect to find in a pair of designer men’s jeans including large patch pockets to the rear, as well as a zip fastening pocket at the front. As my brother works in an office, I thought these would be the ideal present for him.

Maybe your boyfriend should be getting the Gio Goi Stray designer jeans this year as his gift. British brand Gio Goi have been producing designer clothing since 1988 but have recently re-launched the brand. Being at the high end of fashion, they aim to offer styles inspired by the music industry, particularly Chicago house music which reflects the brand’s roots. The Stray Jeans are a great buy as they feature slight fading to the dark denim which gives them a slight vintage look – something which is currently very in trend for men’s jeans. Featuring a large logo down the side, they make a real fashion statement. They come in a regular fit so have enough room to move without having loads of extra fabric so will be comfortable wearing them.

So why not do something different this Christmas and buy your loved one a pair of mens designer jeans. They will wear them all year and think of how thoughtful you were to buy them – that’s bound to score you some points.

Mens Designer Clothing For Weddings

When it comes to weddings, mens designer clothes have an important role to play. The choice of wedding outfit depends on a number of factors like the time when the wedding is going to take place, the location of the wedding, weather, the physique of the groom and certainly the latest trends of fashion. As far as the types of the wedding clothes are concerned, there are many varieties and one needs to choose the one which suits him the best.

If you are looking for mens wedding attire, please remember that the groom's suit should be best so that he stands out of the crowd. After all, it is his wedding! Also, those attending the wedding ceremony should have a classy look and hence must go for stylish clothes.

If you are considering a formal wedding, you need to go for mens designer clothes which have a formal yet sophisticated look. You can choose a formal suit and select a matching tie to complete the look. In case you are attending the wedding during the winter season, you can wear a dark coloured blazer, a white shirt and a black tie. In case of a beach wedding, clothes can be casual as compared to a traditional church wedding.

Mens designer clothes also include semi-formal wedding dress for men, and you can easily choose from the casual collection. Here there is not much fuss about colours and you can skip the use of tux. The best option of semi-formal attire is dress shirts, pants and a blazer. In case of semi-formal attire, it is not necessary to use a tie. If you are attending the wedding in the evening you can go for a black-coloured or a brown coloured blazer.

As mentioned above, when a wedding is on a beach it is a very casual affair and hence the dress etiquette can be casual. Hence the options which you get in mens designer clothing in case of a beach wedding are many. If the wedding has a tropical theme you can very well go for a Hawaiian shirt. On the other hand if you do not want to have a very casual look, then you can wear a cream coloured shirt and a khaki pant. You can also pair them up with a subtle colour tie. Even going without a tie is acceptable.

Mens designer clothes traditionally do not permit many options as regards the colours and overall style. However, by opting for clothes which have a finer fabric and which are well-tailored, a person wearing such designer clothing will stand out. There can even be finer embellishment in the form of specialized buttons, cuffs, collars and such small but significant points which will distinguish you from the rest.